Opportunity and risk identification

Identifying signals amidst the noise to uncover opportunities and mitigate risks

Turn the tables on risk and opportunity management through AI-powered workflows

In today's ever-changing business landscape, it's tough to spot emerging risks and opportunities before everyone else. But with our AI technology, you'll be the one leading the pack. Dcipher workflows can scan a ton of news and social media, making sure no important signals slip through the cracks. Whether it's investment decisions, senior hires, changing regulations, supply chain snags, disruptive products and business models, shifting market needs, or any other signal that you've asked the AI to track, you'll be in the know.

With a systematic approach to finding risks and opportunities, you'll be able to act faster. No more missed signals or missed opportunities.

With Dcipher Analytics, you have a reliable alert system that never misses a crucial signal

Upgrade your risk and opportunity management today with our AI-powered solution! Let our technology do the heavy lifting, so you can focus on making informed decisions and taking your company to new heights.

  • Scan global news reporting for predefined signals of interest on a daily or weekly basis
  • Search public social media for your predefined signals