Consumer insight

Generating consumer insights by mining online conversations in public social media

Unexpected opportunities emerge from a bottom-up understanding of consumers

The digital footprints that consumers publicly share online are a gold mine of information for anyone who seeks to understand their preferences, opinions, and everyday life choices.

Our users mine social media data using Dcipher Analytics to understand how consumers feel about their brands and those of competitors, identify trending topics and emerging phenomena, map the discussions around topics of interest, and measure the impact of campaigns.

Major social media platforms and a large number of smaller sources are supported.

With Dcipher Analytics, seeing the world through the eyes of consumers has never been easier

Unlike traditional social listening techniques, the Dcipher Analytics approach is keyword-independent, deals with contextual ambiguity, and is able to identify the ”unknown unknowns” – surprising trends and narratives one would not have though of looking for.

  • Consumer narratives & tribes: What stories are consumers telling about a topic, product, or brand and what consumer tribes are driving consumption?
  • Trends & emerging opportunities: What are the emerging consumer behaviors and trends that bring new opportunities to brands?
  • Products & brands: What are consumers saying about specific products and brands and is your brand positioned in the minds of consumers?
  • Pains & needs: What are consumers complaining about, what needs emerge from the online discussions, and how can you connect to them?
  • Influencers & icons: Who do consumers trust and take advice from in relation to a given topic and what are the respected icons?

How our customers have benefited

  • Tapping into consumer narratives for marketing

    IKEA's marketing department was looking for new opportunities for connecting with consumers. They were specifically interested in the positive moments and rituals that consumers experience in their homes. Using Dcipher Analytics to mine a large number of stories shared by consumers online, they identified a set of archetypal narratives that capture these positive moments. Marketing concepts were developed around the identified narratives.

  • Viewing destinations from the eyes of travelers

    The European Travel Commission wanted to understand outbound travelers from China, Russia, and Brazil. Instead of using time-consuming and expensive traditional survey techniques, they opted for social media mining of online travel posts. This approach allowed them to spot consumer phenomena bottom-up, without being limited or biased by a priori assumptions. The insights were used to help member organizations develop more relevant offerings toward the Chinese, Russian, and Brazil travel markets.