Dcipher Workflows
Flexible AI workflows offered by Dcipher Analytics that let you automate your insight tasks.
  • Customizable
    Fine-tune the workflows to your research questions and choose the most suitable delivery formats.
  • Automated
    Sit back while the workflows automatically process your data. You will get notified once the results are ready for you to explore.
  • Easy to use
    No need to be an AI expert. Our wizard will guide you in setting up your workflows.

For top-down and bottom-up approaches

Dcipher Workflows let you automate your insight tasks no matter whether you are aiming to detect patterns open-endedly or seeking answers to specific questions.

One-time or recurring analyses

While running a workflow a single time is a convenient and efficient solution to many research tasks, Dcipher Workflows can also help you stay up to date by automatically generating daily or weekly updates on your topics of interest.

Quick overviews

Several of our workflows excel in going from tens of thousands of texts to clear content overviews in no time, giving you instant access to the “unknown unknowns” that you didn’t know you were looking for.

Your choice of delivery formats

Whether you prefer to access insights through densely packed tables or by exploring interactive reports, Dcipher Workflows have got you covered with an assortment of delivery formats to choose from.

Rich data sources

You can upload PDFs, Word documents, pure text, or a dataset in Excel, CSV, TSV, or JSON format. Or you can ask workflows to read all the news and public social media posts about your topics of interest.

Dcipher Workflows are highly customizable and enable you to automate a wide range of insight tasks, ranging from competitive intelligence to knowledge management. Browse through the available workflows below and try out the ones that best fit your requirements.

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