Dcipher Research Bots
AI-powered chatbots providing you
efficient access to insights hidden in large volumes of text
  • Accessibility
    Enhance the discoverability of your content, enabling easy sharing and collaboration with both your audience and colleagues
  • Automation
    Run automated research on large volumes of news, social media posts and reports
  • Reliability
    Gain access to insightful answers to questions with accompanying source references for each statement provided

Custom knowledge-base

The Dcipher Research Bot is similar to ChatGPT but bases its answers specifically on any text that you ask it to read and provides references so that you can trace back the information to the original source.

Rich data sources

You can upload PDFs, Word documents, pure text, or a dataset in Excel, CSV, TSV, or JSON format. Or you can ask the bot to read all the news and public social media posts about your topics of interest.

Easy automation

Help the bot stay up to date by asking it to read up on the latest information at scheduled intervals.

Beyond conventional Q&A

Once the bot has been trained, you can interact with it to get answers, key takeaways, and relevant references with respect to your questions or topics of interest. Apply filters to get answers based on a subset of information, such as news in a certain region.

Seamless integration

Give your audience or colleagues access to the research bot by integrating it into your own website or intranet. It’s as easy as inserting a short code snippet into your source code.

Dcipher Research Bots are great for getting the information you need from long reports or staying up to date with the latest information in news and social media. Below are a few examples of how research bots are helping in real use cases.

Live Demo & Examples

Trend research expert

This research bot was trained on tens of thousands of news articles about industry trends. It can answer questions about trends for almost any industry.

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Literature reviewer at your fingertips

This response is from a research bot that has analyzed over 3000 academic articles on seismic isolators. It provides information on how to decrease the production cost to facilitate retrofitting millions of buildings in earthquake-prone regions across the globe.

Your virtual team of polyglot experts

Regardless of the language of the texts they have been asked to read, research bots can answer questions in 100+ languages.

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