Create your own AI workflow

Get more out of Generative AI by building it into a custom workflow for your specific need

Automating your research tasks through customized text analytics and AI workflows

The automated workflows in our Workflow Store cover a wide range of insight tasks, but sometimes you may want to automate something else. By building your own workflow, you can combine 100+ text analytics and AI elements in any way you like. Mix and match them to craft a workflow that perfectly fits your needs.

Need a custom workflow for processing your own text data? No problem, Dcipher Studio plays well with a variety of input formats like JSON, Excel, CSV, and even Word and PDFs. Want to scan public data sources from across the web? Again, Dcipher Studio has got your back, with seamless access to public news and social media from all over the world.

You've got a suite of functions at your service. Things like preprocessing, noise filtering, sentiment analysis, topic detection and named entity extraction, auto-summarization, translation and many more operations are available for you to use and fine-tune according to your needs.

Once you've set up your workflow just as you want, just hit 'deploy' and grab a coffee while the AI works its magic! Get your results over email or API, at your own convenience. Do you want to run your workflow at a certain time and frequency? No problem, you can schedule that too.

Take Generative AI and research automation to the next level through custom workflows

Would you rather like us to create your custom workflow for you?

  • Build your own custom text analytics and AI workflow
  • Automate any research task by combining text analytics and AI components
  • Visualize your text data through a wide range of charts and visualizations
  • Get full flexibility in combining components and using the settings that make most sense for your use case