Voice of the customer

Customer insights from interactions across channels

Are you making the most of your customer interactions?

Every day, companies interact with their customers over email, chats, web forms, social media, and the phone. Most of these interactions are unstructured, in the form of text and audio.

Whether you are in customer success, marketing, product development, innovation, or strategy, the information you gain from real customer interactions is an invaluable resource.

Dcipher Analytics structures and helps you make sense of all the information generated through customer interactions.

Use Dcipher Analytics to analyze emails, chat logs, questionnaires, online reviews, transcribed customer support calls, and social media posts.

Text analytics can help structure your customer complaints, identify critical issues, develop better FAQs and chatbots, and benchmark against competitors.

  • Identify trending or emerging issues experienced by customers
  • Cluster questions asked by customers by meaning, map them to intent for better FAQs and to speed up training of customer service chatbots
  • Map narratives, themes, and complaints
  • Benchmark your products against those of competitors

How our customers have benefited

  • Structuring consumer complaints

    Every year, the Swedish Consumer Agency receives a large number of questions and complaints from consumers about deceptive and fraudulent business practices. These come in the form of chats, web forms, emails, and calls, resulting in large unstructured data. Using Dcipher Analytics, the Agency is for the first time able to analyze and detect trends in the incoming questions and complaints, helping their effort to protect consumers.

  • Customer support powered by data

    With millions of monthly reviews about its diaper brand Libero and competing products, Essity needed an innovative way of making sense of this data. Leveraging Dcipher Analytics, key complaints and strong points were identified and benchmarked against the competition, and their change tracked over time. This helped Essity develop a more nuanced understanding of their customers and strengthen their customer support.

How to get started

  • Dcipher Analytics

    Self-service text analytics with all the capabilities and data sources you need in one place.

  • Dcipher APIs

    A complete range of powerful and accurate text analytics APIs to empower your solution.

  • Dcipher Lab

    Tailored insights and solutions from our team of analysts and machine learning engineers.