We are Dcipher Analytics

Dcipher Analytics develops tools and solutions that give companies a competitive edge by boosting the productivity of the knowledge work that they do. We are dedicated to rethinking the ways in which professionals interact with and gain value from text.

Founded in December 2018, Dcipher Analytics provides a SaaS-based toolbox for accelerating, automating, and improving the process of turning unstructured text into insights. The company grew out of a decade-long pursuit of excellence in text analytics-based insight automation, distilling the lessons learned from hundreds of value-focused projects in a wide range of industries into one simple toolbox.

Through innovation in text analytics, Dcipher Analytics is pursuing the goal of saving knowledge professionals a billion hours of insight work per year collectively while increasing the quality of their output.

We employ top talent in Sweden and Turkey and collaborate with leading researchers in the fields of Generative AI and Natural Language Understanding.

The solutions we build are for everyone.