Content analysis

Quantitative and qualitative content analysis powered by AI

Faster coding and exploration of your text data

Say goodbye to long nights staring at your screen, trying to make sense of mountains of text data! With Dcipher Analytics, organizing, exploring and coding your text data is faster and way more fun.

Qualitative research is essential, but let's be real, it can get pretty boring. That's where AI comes in! With Dcipher, you can structure your qualitative research process and make it a whole lot quicker.

Whether you're dealing with free-form survey responses, essays, social media posts, transcribed interviews, or reports, Dcipher has got you covered. The toolbox helps you cluster similar texts and explore meanings from the bottom up, so you can get a quick overview of your data.

Use Dcipher Analytics to quickly organize, code, and quantify your text data

And once you've introduced a new code, the platform makes it super easy to find all the relevant passages. So, say hello to a stress-free content analysis for qualitative research and quantified insights!

  • Conduct content analysis of reports, news articles, or other unstructured text
  • Map narratives and themes in your text data
  • Quickly locate clusters of meaning in text through bottom-up text landscaping
  • Accelerate coding of your text with zero-shot, few-shot, or supervised learning

How our customers have benefited

  • Coding free-form text responses across languages

    The Swedish Institute wanted to understand the view in seven countries of Sweden’s handling of the European migrant crisis of 2015-2016. They opted for a survey with open-ended questions in order to avoid priming respondents. Dcipher Analytics helped identify and code responses into six broad narratives, which were then cross tabulated against demographic background variables. The study enabled the Swedish government to understand and respond to the prevailing views.