Knowledge management

Making organizational knowledge more accessible with an AI knowledge bot

Make your organization's knowledge more accessible with AI-powered knowledge management

Organizations have more documents than they know what to do with. Some are stored in the cloud, some are hidden in dusty file cabinets, and others are lost in the black hole of someone's hard drive. Finding the right file can feel like digging through a pile of laundry in search of a missing sock.

With our knowledge bot, all you need to do is to feed your documents to the bot and it will take care of the rest: just type in your question and the information you need will be ready and waiting. With our bot, it's as easy as finding your favorite pair of socks in a neatly organized drawer.

Leverage Dcipiher’s AI bots to make your organizational knowledge more accessible

  • Ask the bot to read the documents that codify your team’s or organization’s knowledge – even if only in completely unstructured form
  • Chat with the bot to get answers, key take-aways, and references to the most relevant sources