Knowledge bot integration

Making your content more accessible to your audiences and colleagues

Provide a custom chatbot on your website to help your audiences find knowledge hidden in your content

Got a truck-load of reports, articles, or any text-filled content sitting on your website or filling up your archives? Want your audience or co-workers to find knowledge hidden in them with ease? Our knowledge bot has got you covered. It can dive into your content and pull out answers to your users' questions, referencing the sources for each answer given.

Integrating the bot into your website is easy as pie! All that it takes is sliding a small piece of code into your website's source code. You can even spruce up the bot to match your graphic profile.

You can set the bot to auto-pilot mode, so it'll keep up with your newest content, reading stuff hot off the press all by itself.

Give your stakeholders efficient access to your knowledge

  • Give your audiences easy access to knowledge in your public content
  • Provide your co-workers with a tool for pulling out insights from your archives or external sources more efficiently
  • Offer your customers quick access to your proprietary knowledge