Horizon scanning

Staying ahead of the curve through AI-powered horizon scanning

An AI-powered approach to scanning the contextual environment

Staying ahead of the competition is tough in today's fast-paced business world. With tons of information to sift through, traditional research methods are often not cutting it. That is where our AI-powered solution comes in.

Dcipher Analytics uses Natural Language Understanding to dig out all the details about the latest trends, threats, and opportunities in your competitive environment so that you're always one step ahead. Using our AI workflows, you will never be missing important information or feeling overwhelmed.

Most of the information about the world around us is unstructured - get help from an AI to make sense of it

  • Map all the key topics and events in your arena based on news reporting or social media
  • Continuously scan for threats and opportunities based on news reporting or social media
  • Conduct technology landscaping through patent analysis
  • Analyze state-of-the-art scientific research and identify leading institutions through mining of academic articles
  • Input PDF reports and let the AI surface key information

Competitive intelligence professionals are using Dcipher Analytics to find out what is important from massive amounts of public information. Letting Dcipher crunch sources like patents, science articles, policy documents, and news, you can get a 360-degree perspective on everything that matters.

So why wait? Get started with AI-powered horizon scanning today! With our technology doing the work, you can focus on making informed decisions.

How our customers have benefited

  • Mapping of startup ecosystems

    Covestro, a leading global chemicals company, wanted to accelerate its innovation by leveraging external startups. By letting Dcipher Analytics mine early-stage investment deals and news articles, they mapped the startup ecosystem and identified startups for collaboration and investment.

  • Horizon scan for product development

    EF, an education company, wanted a 360° view of its contextual environment to inform its product development. They leveraged Dcipher Analytics to identify relevant trends from news sources, scientific articles, and patents. The insights triggered a number of product development initiatives, including that of a smart speaker that teaches English.

  • Enhanced horizon scanning

    An international forestry company was using an outside-in approach to identify new trends and weak signals in their contextual environment, in fields ranging from energy and transportation to wood fiber-based consumer products and sustainable fashion. The company's team had been spending a significant amount of time manually going threw news articles and other sources - until they discovered Dcipher Analytics' horizon scanning workflows. Tailored the workflows to scan the company's areas of interest for new developments and trends allowed it to analyze more than 100,000 articles weekly, thereby detecting events and developments of growing importance more efficiently than before.