Visual analytics

Mining visual narratives from images

Images capture experiences not articulated

If a picture is worth a thousand words, think about the value of the billions of photos shared publicly online by consumers, capturing every thinkable consumer experience from a variety of angles.

New, AI-powered methods enable us to organize and map such images to find useful patterns and view the world from the eyes of consumers. A landscape of visual themes emerge bottom-up through the use of cutting edge deep learning techniques.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine the value in the billions of images shared online

Dcipher Analytics provides visual analytics to make sense of that which is not articulated.

  • Consumer insights: View a phenomenon or activity from the eyes of consumers and spot opportunities for strategy, innovation, and marketing
  • Place insights: Understand how people view and describe places to find gaps and opportunities for destination development and place making.
  • Brand scans: Map how products and brands are used and presented by their users and feed into product development and branding.
  • Trend spotting: Explore what trendsetters think is cool from global hotspots without having to go there.

How our customers have benefited

  • AI-assisted placemaking

    Atrium Ljungberg, a real estate developer, wanted to enhance their placemaking capabilities by mapping what people perceive as a good place. Through Dcipher Analytics, they were able to map and identify visual themes in hundreds of thousands of images posted from six places. The result was a map of people's perceptions of each place. The insights were used as input into Atrium Ljungberg’s innovation and destination development efforts.

  • Visual destination scan

    Wonderful Copenhagen, the Danish capital's tourism organization, wanted to understand how Chinese travelers view the city. Dcipher Analytics was able to identify visual themes in over a hundred thousand images shared by Chinese travelers online, revealing what the city looks like from the perspective of its visitors. Benchmarking against other cities helped Wonderful Copenhagen understand their strong and weak points and feed that information into their marketing and product development.

  • AI-powered caries detection for dentists

    The Swedish Public Dental Organizations wanted to provide AI-powered decision support to their dentists to increase the consistency and quality of their diagnoses. The Dcipher Lab team used millions of historic x-ray images and logs to train a deep learning model to automatically detect caries in x-ray images. The model reached superhuman accuracy.

How to get started

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  • Dcipher Studio

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