Research booster toolkit

The ultimate toolkit for insight professionals, designed to expedite fact-finding and research processes

Utilizing AI-powered workflow automations to surface insights and get answers

Exhausted from dedicating too much time gathering and digesting information? Dcipher Workflows and Research Bots expedite the process of gaining intelligence and insights from copious amounts of text in any language. This enables you to concentrate on your analytical thinking and crucial decision-making tasks.

Dcipher's content landscaping workflows facilitate a swift comprehensive overview of large volumes of textual data, be it from news sources, social media, or various reports. They enable intrinsic themes and topics to emerge organically, including unearthing the "unknown unknowns" – insights you weren't even aware you needed. Allow the AI to read text in any language, then relay the vital information back to you in English.

Get a content landscape based on large text volumes to surface relevant and surprising information about your topics of interest

To delve deeper and get answers to specific questions, turn to our Research Bots. Configure a bot to sift through those hundreds of reports that you've never had the opportunity to read, or through thousands of news articles and public social media posts pertaining to your fields of interest.

It's akin to having a personal librarian available at a moment's notice: gaining access to the necessary information and responses is as simple as interacting with a bot. And you don't have to worry about unfounded claims – the bot furnishes references to original sources, enabling you to verify the findings.

Ask a research bot to read up on your topics of interest, then interact with it to gain insights

  • Surface insights from an extensive volume of news, social media, and reports utilizing Dcipher’s content landscaping workflows.
  • Use Dcipher’s AI-powered Research Bots to provide essential summaries, distill key themes, and deliver accurate answers to your questions.
  • Leverage the Dcipher workflows and research bots akin to a multilingual team of experts, competent in a diverse range of subject areas.