Horizon scan

Staying ahead in a fast-changing world

A data-driven approach to scanning the contextual environment

To follow developments in tech, science, business, society, and the regulatory environment is a daunting yet critical task for any future-oriented organization. Separating signal from noise in the flood of information is notoriously difficult.

Dcipher Analytics makes it easy for competitive intelligence (CI) professionals to mine insights from large bodies of public information, such as patents, scientific articles, policy documents, and news.

Most of the information about the world around us is unstructured

Text analytics is a powerful way to extract useful information about the business environment from text sources.

  • Technology landscaping through patent analysis
  • Analysis of state-of-the art scientific research and identification of researchers and institutions through mining of academic articles
  • Accelerate text coding by iteratively training an AI-based improvement loop to locate all the relevant passages
  • Map narratives and themes in text data

How our customers have benefited

  • Mapping of startup ecosystems

    Covestro, a leading global chemicals company, wanted to accelerate its innovation by leveraging external startups. By letting Dcipher Analytics mine early-stage investment deals and news articles, they mapped the startup ecosystem and identified startups for collaboration and investment.

  • Horizon scan for product development

    EF, an education company, wanted a 360° view of its contextual environment to inform its product development. They leveraged Dcipher Analytics to identify relevant trends from news sources, scientific articles, and patents. The insights triggered a number of product development initiatives, including that of a smart speaker that teaches English.

How to get started

  • Dcipher Workflows

    A complete range of powerful and accurate text analytics workflows to empower your solution.

  • Dcipher Studio

    Self-service text analytics with all the capabilities and data sources you need in one place.

  • Dcipher Lab

    Tailored insights and solutions from our team of analysts and machine learning engineers.