Embedded solutions

The power of NLP in your algorithms and apps

State-of-the-art text analytics APIs

Whether monitoring public health risks or identifying signals for stock trading, text analytics is the secret sauce that bring magic to your app.

Dcipher Analytics' text enrichment APIs turn unstructured text into quantified signals. Developers and data scientists use them to integrate the latest AI and natural language processing technologies into their dashboards, apps, and algorithms.

Dcipher APIs make it easy to build the best of text analytics into your app

If you need a customized solution for your unique use case, Dcipher Analytics makes it easy to train a text classifier, build a text analytics workflow, and turn them into an API that you can query at any time

  • Select from a wide range of Dcipher API endpoints for your text enrichment needs: sentiment analysis and emotion detection, entity extraction and phrase detection, text cleaning, trend detection, and much more.
  • Train a text classifier or build your own analytics pipeline and deploy as a custom API

How our customers have benefited

  • Monitoring trends among target group

    Kommunal, a Swedish labor union, used Dcipher Analytics to create a dashboard monitoring discussions in and about their target groups. Continuously identifying hot topics and heated debates, they were able to feed their communications effort with up-to-date information and increase their membership.

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