Desk research acceleration

Getting help from a virtual assistant that researches a topic and provides answers

Accelerate desk research by letting an AI-powered research bot do the reading

Say goodbye to endless scrolling and hello to lightning-fast research with our AI-powered research bot! Need to know something ASAP? Just ask our bot to do the digging for you.

With its ability to scan news and social media for relevant information, our bot is like having your own personal librarian at your fingertips. It'll find all the info you need and give you source references so you can verify its findings.

Ask a research bot to read up on your topics of interest, then interact with it to gain insights

In short, our research bot is the ultimate time-saver, freeing you up to focus on the important stuff.

  • Let the research bot to read relevant news articles and public social media posts, or feed it your own reports or datasets
  • Chat with it and ask for key take-aways, a summary of key topics, or answers to your questions

How to get started

  • Studio

    Self-service text analytics with all the capabilities and data sources you need in one place.

  • Workflows

    A complete range of powerful text analytics workflows to drive deeper insights.

  • Research Bots

    AI assistants ready to read, answer questions, and chat about key take-aways.