The data you need, when and where you need it

Dcipher APIs allow you to share your data and insights with the whole organization – or the entire world. Feed the output of your Dcipher pipeline into dashboards, databases, knowledge graphs, or email alerts to make it available to others. You can integrate Dcipher models and pipelines into external applications or stream data through Dcipher APIs into your own algorithms.

Our team of machine learning engineers can help you train the models, build the pipelines, and set up the APIs and dashboard you need.

How organizations are leveraging Dcipher APIs

The trendspotting app Co:tunity uses Dcipher as an improvement loop for continuously improving the selection and labelling of news stories based on user feedback. Users gives feedback inside Co:tunity, information that is sent to Dcipher where it is used to improve machine learning models for labelling and relevance scoring of new articles.

A Chinese garment manufacturer leverages Dcipher’s machine learning capabilities to enrich data and extract trends for a fashion trendspotting dashboard. Our machine learning engineers trained machine learning models to identify trending fashion elements in text and images and to filter out fake influencers.